Folkloristika [Folkloristics] is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal of the Association of Serbian Folklorists. It publishes papers on all forms of folklore and the non-material heritage in Serbia and elsewhere. Research is wide-ranging: from verbal folklore, through folk music, dance, beliefs, customs, traditional medicine, pharmacy, phytotherapy, to traditional arts, skills, and crafts.

Examining and illustrating traditional and contemporary folklore practices and processes, Folkloristika encourages various theories, critical and comparative approaches, the study of history and folklore methodology, covering all the areas of interest to the subject: the relation between folkloristics and ethnology, ethnomusicology, linguistic and social anthropology, social history, cultural studies, kindred social sciences and the humanities. In addition to maintaining high academic standards, Folkloristika publishes field material and reports, endeavouring to stimulate scholarly discourse and point out connections between contemporary theoretical standpoints while simultaneously contributing to academic communication, the development of education and the preservation of the non-material cultural heritage.

Folkloristika invites original unpublished work: research articles, field reports and material, reviews, review essays, bibliographies. Articles may contain audio, video and photographic documentation.

The journal is published bi-annually (in June and December) in printed and electronic form, with open access